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IHGS Diploma in Genealogy - Introduction

The IHGS Diploma in Genealogy 2014 - Introduction

No sooner had the champagne corks popped before it was time to think seriously about the IHGS Diploma in Genealogy. My three successful Higher Certificate students, fresh from the two-year Delving Deeper family history course, collectively agreed to join my Exploring the Archives Diploma in Genealogy mentoring course. The twelve-module course spans nine months and consists of formal sessions, workshops and archive visits which, combined, will prepare the student for the IHGS Diploma in Genealogy next June.

           Module 1, scene setting, was held on the 16th September. The three aspects of the Diploma were discussed and students were asked to select examples of their own work that would form their portfolio of work. The portfolio, assignement 2, should demonstrate the students breadth and depth of experience and include the use of a wide-range of record sources. It is also the ideal opportunity to tidy up and present elements of the student's own family research.   

          Module 2 is planned for the 4th November by which time the student will have received the starting point for assignment 1 - the assigned research task - and may even have ventured into a local archive! Students should be able to report that progress has been made with their portfolios and that they have made a start on their research tasks.        


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