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Diploma in Genealogy 2014 - Library Tests

Since I last blogged I have been busy compiling two library tests for my three IHGS Diploma in Genealogy students. The first test was conducted at the Hampshire Archives and the second at the Portsmouth History Centre.   Each would last THREE hours and had the trio running left, right, and up and down the library shelves trying to locate the answers to the questions I had set.


My aim was to familiarise the students with published sources that they are likely to encounter during the IHGS library test. I also wanted to apply pressure; two queuing for a particular book whilst the third person hogged it, or searching a library shelf, book by book, frantically looking for inspiration, will test anyone's patience.  Whilst all the time the clock is ticking.  
          Over the two tests the students would encounter biographies, pedigree indexes, Who's Who, law lists, clergy lists, alumni, military officers' lists, crests, mottoes, Heralds' Visitations, ordinaries, armories and of course the range of Burke's and Debrett's works. At the end of the two tests they would certainly know how to approach the opening question to the Diploma in Genealogy library test.
          With two library tests successfully negotiated the trio of DipGen candidates will head back to the classroom for some pedigree construction practice before hitting the road once more. A trip to Canterbury beckons in May and with it the opportunity to conduct a library test at the IHGS.   Four weeks later they will be back there for real.    

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