I am currently offering my talks over Zoom.  My forthcoming talks are:  

Thursday 3 March, 7pm
Census Substitutes
Family Roots FHS (Eastbourne & District)

Monday 21 March, 7.30pm
Getting Organised
Berks FHS, Abingdon Branch

Monday 4 April, 7.30pm
Quarter Sessions
Northants FHS

I am also visiting the following groups:

Hampshire Genealogical Society, Tuesday 8 March, 7.30pm
Crossfield Hall, Romsey
Searching for Dora


If you'd like to book me to talk, please select a title from my list of presentations and This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to discuss details.

LM01: Getting Started
‘An introduction to family history.’

LM01a: Getting Organised
‘Organise your work, your computer, your desk and yourself!’

LM01b: How to format a Pedigree Tree NEW
'How to show multiple marriages, twins and illegitimacy'

LM01c: How to draw a Pedigree using PowerPoint NEW
'Practical demonstration to show how easy it is' 

LM02: Parish Registers
‘A walk through history.’

LM03: The Treasures of the Parish Chest
‘The records of the parish.’

LM04: Wills Pre 1858
‘Searching for a will proved prior to the National Probate Act.’

LM05: Manorial Records
‘Life on the Manor.’

LM06: Nonconformity
‘The road to toleration.’

LM07: Military Records
‘How to search for your military ancestors.’

LM07a: Army Records
‘How to search for your army ancestors’

LM07b: Naval Records
‘How to search for your naval ancestors’

LM07c: Royal Marines
‘How to search for your Royal Marines ancestors’

LM07d: The Royal Air Force
‘How to search for your Royal Air Force ancestors’

LM07s: Shipwrecked NEW
'Using Admiralty records to recount a naval tragedy'

LM07t: Trafalgar NEW
'Using Admiralty records to recount the famous Battle of Trafalgar' 

LM08: Searching for Dora NEW
‘A search with more red-herrings than a murder mystery’

LM09: Census Substitutes
‘Directories and lists before the census.’

LM10: Using Maps
‘Tithe, Enclosure, Ordnance Survey and Estate.’

LM11: Transported Across The Seas
‘A tragic case with a happy ending.’

LM11a: Transported Across The Seas - The 1830 Hampshire Swing Riots NEW
'A case of two Hampshire teenagers in the wrong place at the wrong time' 

LM12: My Ancestor Came From Hampshire
‘How to search for your Hampshire ancestors.’

LM13: The Colours of Heraldry
‘A colourful lesson in basic heraldry.’

LM14: Workhouses and the Poor
‘Where to look for your pauper ancestors’

LM15: Quarter Sessions Records
‘Records rich in detail and easily accessible’

LM16: The Origins and Development of Surnames
‘Variants, derivations or simply spelling mistakes’

LM17: Title Deeds
‘Records that establish family links and identify the ancestral home’

LM18: The Ecclesiastical Courts NEW
'The Bawdy Courts'

LM19: Court Records NEW
'Putting the various courts, and their records, into perspective'

LM20: Visiting The National Archives
'Advice on how to gain the most from a visit'

LM21: The Christmas (Pedigree) Tree NEW
'Using a collection of records held at a county record office to build a pedigree'

LM22: Education Records
'Back to school to use these underused records'

LM23: Advancing forward from the 1911 Census NEW 
'Taking your research forward from 1911 to the 1939 Register'

Nothing you fancy? Then This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to discuss alternatives.

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